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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Using Twitter To Boost Your Traffic Numbers Free

Heres a couple reasons why you oughta stop paying for clicks on adwords, or buy advertising space on some site; its expensive and if you're starting out its JUST NOT EFFICIENT.
But think about it, where do thousands, no millions of people spend a majority of time on the internet? Social media sites! Like facebook, twitter, etc you name it. So what does this mean for you? the budding affiliate marketer, well my friend that means TRAFFIC.. FREE TRAFFIC, just give this a read.

It might sound a little intimidating at first, because when the hell has something ever been free without a catch, well yes unfortunately there is a catch here, youre gonna have to work pretty hard. Let me emphasize though this is NOT an impossible task, think about it if you're trying to do anything you gotta work hard, if you wanna make money at your job you gotta work hard (unless you drive a Zamboni then thats just awesome.), the bottom line is this is the same, now don't misinterpret here sure I say you gotta work hard, but this isnt like bust your ass off no sleep for days kind of hard, this is just the regular mild effort kind of hard.

So anyways, what is twitter; well in a nutshell.. twitter is sort of like a mini blog, where people post all the interesting things in there lifes, and more then necessary all the uninteresting things in their lives.

NOW what is twitter to you? (the affiliate marketer); Its a community of millions of people all surfing through millions of other people reading excitedly every word they post, its a place where conversation with someone random, and listening to everything a stranger has to say is the social norm.
i.e. twitter = traffic and a huge source of it.

How are you gonna cash in on this traffic? and drive it to either your site, blog, affiliate link, or product. Well its not that hard i'll give you a quick mini lesson on it

Step 1. Find a lot of people who are interested in the same niche as you. You can try looking at the big guys with the thousands of followers and see what they're doing.
Step 2. FOLLOW. about 50% of the people you follow will follow you back, this means they'll be able to see what it is you tweet to the world
Step 3. Have a link to your blog or site or whatever on your profile
and then rinse and repeat

Now listen let me stress this is just a mini lesson im throwing at you. i'm barely scratching the surface here, i mean if you listen to what i say your follower list will start to grow! and you will see more traffic! but there is much more to be earned here, there are ways where you can really tap into this and grab the REALLY huge traffic numbers, like in the tens of thousands.

You could try just this for now and research more on the topic yourself if you want to reach those big numbers.. but its really something you're going to have to figure out yourself through ridiculous amounts of research into twitter and its actual're not going to google some article that will tell you all the methods at getting tens of thousands of people buzzing over your blog or product or whatever ( :c unfortunately ), because well that alone is some valuable priceless information. but if you just want to cut the shit and start seeing some huge traffic numbers and more sales I would check out this product, Zero Down Traffic

I'm gonna be honest i was pretty hesitant at first but after following the really helpful clear and to the point videos i was actually seeing damn fine numbers in my traffic, he not only goes ridiculously in depth into this twitter method but there are tonnes of other methods he shows you STEP BY STEP over the shoulder to get hands down amazing traffic numbers ALL FREE! and more traffic means more sales.

So anyways that was just my quick lesson and informing of the use of Twitter to drive traffic to your site, blog, product etc. but really i've not even scratched the surface of the potential you have here.
I'm really strongly urging you to get Zero Down Traffic if youve finally decided that youre comitted to actually do something to make money online. this is one more product that has passed my bull shit test and received an A+. i highly recommend.

Get Zero Down Traffic!


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